The Memory of Fire (The Waking Lands #2) by Callie Bates


The Memory of Fire by Callie Bates is the second book in The Waking Land series. I received a ARC copy of the The Waking Land last year in my illumicrate subscription box. I really enjoyed the book and what interested to see what happened next for Jahan and Elanna. If you are interesting on reading my The Waking land review you can find it here.


Jahan Korakides has just helped Elanna the Caveadear win the rebellion in Eren, he is returning to the Ida, a place where he is a hero that save the crown prince life. He is going to return to the Ida  in hope negotiating peace between the two nation, but this is going to be difficult when the King wants to rid the world of Sorcery and see Elanna as a threat. When home he has to deal with the trauma from his childhood, missing brothers, all the while leading a rebellion he didn’t start. Tough choices are need to be made,  the rebellion maybe the only way to save Eren and Elanna, but he runs the risk of revealing that he is a sorcerer.


This book is from Jahan POV, he really intrigued me in The Waking Lands, and was interested to see the world from his perspective. He comes off in The Walking Lands very confidence, but you find out the trauma from his childhood has makes him doubt himself a lot. I found that Jahan found it easier to believe in Elanna than himself, they do make a good couple as they balance each other at.

There are some moments in the book were kept on thinking no she (the author Cassie) didn’t, I can’t believe she did, I hope she hasn’t.

There where a couple of elements in the story that I guessed would happen, but that didn’t spoiled my enjoyment. especially as the revel were very entertainment.

I do like reading about books that have a good rebellion, and this book has some great moments.

I found that certain elements in the book reminded me of The Red Queen series by Victoria Averyard, so if you enjoy that series give this series a read and vs versa.

I looking forward to see who POV we will get in the next book.

I give this book 4 out of 5


Thanks to Netgally for giving my a copy of the book for a fair and honset review.

Thank for reading

Gem x


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