Book Review: Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron


Hello amigo!

Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron, is a book that I received in my  Fallen Angel Book box club subscription box. I love books that deal with Angels so I was interesting in reading Out of the Blue.


Jaya mother has died and her world is upside down, but the world changes for everyone 10 days later when an Angels started falling from the sky. The fall at such a speed that no have survived. The world goes into hysteria with people thinking the world is coming to an end, or people trying to find a surviving Angel or beings as they refered too. Jaya father is obsessed with researching the beings and finding one alive, he is so obsessed he moves him and his daughters to Edinburgh as he believes this is where the next being will fall.

This is not the way that Jaya wants to spend her summer holiday, she is not interested in the beings and wants to stay out of it. She has other things to deal with like her role in her mother’s death, a best friend that has disappeared and a father obsession which is consuming his life.

Than something extraordinary happens and a being lands right at Jaya feet, a being that is still alive. Now she has to do want is right for the being, while keeping her presents a secret from anyone that would want to use her for their own gain.


When I was reading how the world reacted to the fall of the Angels, I thought yep this would be how the world would react if this happened.

I liked Jaya as a character, she is dealing with a lot but she is trying her best. I also like the fact that she has accepted she is gay. When she talks about how her mum was hinting about relationship, it reminded me of when my mum would do the say thing with my sister. I have the feeling Jaya mum would have had the same reaction my mum had, which was “I would have been more surprised if you were telling me you had a boyfriend and was pregnant.”

You do not always see characters in book with cystic fibrosis that aren’t about the dealing with it. I like the fact the Allie doesn’t let it define her, and that she was the person that solved the problem that help Teacake the most. If people have any book suggestions that have CF character please let me know. I always like reading book showing people with disabilities.

The most gripping part of the book was near the end as their was more action and drama.

As I read a lot of books that are based in a fictional land or America, it made me smile when I was reading this book and it British reference like Nandos and Tunnock Teacakes.

Things I liked

  • That Angels didn’t speak an Earth Language.
  • Allie
  • Calling the Angel Teacake
  • Teacakes love of chocolate and biscuits

I give this book 3 out of 5.


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Thanks for reading

Gem x 


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