Legendary (Caraval #2) by Stephanie Garber


Hello Amico!

Last year I read the amazing debut novel by Stephanie Garber Caraval, so I was really looking forward to reading book two in the series Legendary. 


Scarlets adventure at the Caraval has ended and it Tella time.

Donatella has escaped her controlling father, and saved her sister from a deadly arranged marriage and now she is on a mission to save her mother, who disappeared when Tella was just a girl.

To celebrate Empress Elantine Birthday, Legend has decided to throw another Caraval but this time, it is not a game.

Tella must win the Caraval, she needs Legend real name and this is the only way she will find it. Tella  has made a deal with a “friend” and this is the payment. This Caraval will mean Tella, will have to be smart, cunning, brave and make some sacrifices to win.

Welcome to the Caraval, the games have just begun, you never know who is and who isn’t playing the game.



When I first read Caraval I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tella, but by reading her perspective I began warming for her, and by the end I was really rooting for her. There is a lot more to Tella that I would have first thought.

I am glad that this Caraval was so different to the one Scarlet participated in, this one tasks weren’t as dangerous, but the overall feel felt more dangerous.

One of my favourite elements of the book is the repartee between Tella and Dante, and Tella and Jacks. These moments bring drama, romances and laughs, I  looked forward to these moments.

As with Caraval, Stephanie has written the end of the book so it wrapped up that story beautifully but left it open for another story. Which has been confirmed their will be a book 3 call Finale.

I give this book 4.1 out of 5.


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Thanks for reading

Gem x


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