Blog tour Book Review Shattermoon (The Long Game #1) by Dominic Dulley



Hi Vinur,

Today I am a part of the blog tour for Dominic Dulley Shattermoon. I was drawn to this book due to the description of Space opera.


Orry has grown up to be a con woman, her father is the best Con man in the quadrant. There marks are the rich and ruling family of the Ascendancy, between Orry, her father and brother Ethan they run elaborate heist and con, than they disappear without a trace.

Normally they disappear without a trace, but Orry goes off script and takes pendant as part payment for an item. Than the buyer who happened to be the Counts Grandson ends up murdered, and everyone thinks she is the murderer. It turns out the pendant was crafted by an ancient race of “people” who disappeared aeons aeon taking all their knowledge with them.

But several people are after this pendant and this places Orry in a very dangerous situation. Now with the reluctant help of Jurgen Mender and his ageing spaceship, Orry will have to put he all her skills to the test, and make some hard decisions that could help prove her innocence and maybe even save some lives.


It took me a little bit for me to understand the world of Shattermoon, as they is a lot going on, but a couple fo chapter in everything clicked and I was hooked. This book builds and builds with so much action that it kept me entertained to the very end.

The relationship of the character reminded me a bit of Supernatural, Orry and her brother are brought into the family business, by the father after the mother died. Orry is the natural con women, where Ethan is the techy smart one. Mender is a smart, grumpy and resourceful which reminds me a little of bobby.

Orry is a con-woman but she is very honest, she is a person that talks before she thinks, although to try hard to think before speaking when on a con.. I like the blunt honesty between Orry and Mender especially  towards the end half of the book  as the hash word hide the fact they like each other.

I LOVE the Dainty Jane, think of KITT the car in Knightrider but a thousand times better, I would love to have a prequel about the Danity Jane.

This book has;

  • Cons
  • Talking Space Ship
  • Romance (a little)
  • Space Pirates
  • Epic Space fight
  • Strong Female lead
  • Great banter between characters

If you like any of these elements, I would pick up Shattermoon.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5


Copy of Copy of Synopsis 4.png


If you would like to do some blog hopping, below is all Shattermoon blog tour schedule.

Blog tour poster-Shattermoon.png

Thank to Jo Fletcher Books for sending me a copy of the book for a fair and honest review, and letting me on the blog tour.

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Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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