Book Review: Bright Ruin (Dark Gifts #3) by Vic James


Hi Teman,

It’s the third and final book in Vic James Dark Gifts series, Bright Ruin. I have really enjoyed reading this series this week, and I can’t wait to get the book signed next week when Vic James visits YALC. Bright Ruin comes out Thursday 26th July.


The rebellion against the Equals is growing and is ready to strike at the heart of the aristocratic that have subjugated the commoners for years. Abi has escaped her public execution with the help of surprised ally, now she works to end the Equals reign. Luke has escaped and has found himself on the run with the eccentric Equal Silyen Jardine, as they hunt the mystery of skill itself. As the conflict escalates with flying dragons and water serpents, everyone must decided how fair they will go for their beliefs. Luke and Abi are on very different journey but both will end up helping reshaped Britain, but not all will live to see the new world.


What a way to end a series, the book wraps everything up amazingly but also leave a little bit of hope at the end, of a happy every after.

I was captivated by all the different stories and how they all connected together. I found Luke and Silyen journey into the skill fascinating, and loved their evolving relationship.  Abi is in the thick of the action with the rebellion this has  changed so much thought out the books and this is seem more in Bright Ruin, she is having to make hard decision that go against everything she wanted to be. Abi is in the thick of the action with the rebellion

I relished in the fact that I could see the rebellion from the commoner and the Equal point of view. My feeling for Bouda and Lord Jenner have not changed thought out the series, although I do respect Bouda in how she handles things in the end, she is a true politician.

Silyen has been one of my favourite characters thought out the book, as he is only interested in knowledge, furthermore I liked the fact no one knew what Silyen was going to do next, and that he never did what was expected of him.

This series has a great mixture of politics, rebellion, magic, action and romance that kept me gripped from Gilded Cage to Bright Ruin.

If you like book like Samantha Shannon the Bone Season I would give this series a read.

I give this book 4.8 out of 5.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Synopsis

Thanks to Pan Macmillan for sending me a copy of Bright Ruin for an honest and fair review.

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Thanks for reading,

Gem x


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