Book Review: Rebellion (Rebellion #1) by Josephine Boyce


Hi Zamil,

I meet Josephine Boyce at last years YALC and pick up both books in the Rebellion series, as I prepare for the year YALC I thought it would be prefect time to read Rebellion.


The Global Defence Organisation, was created to stop the riots and violence that was plaguing Europe. GDO was supposed to bring peace, but they have used that excuse to govern europe. Auria is the last country to be occupied by the GDO, they use violence  and terror to keep control.

17-year-old Cassia Fortis life has been turned up side down since the envision, her mother is ill in hospital but the medication she need is another city she can’t get to, and her father has been taken as a political prisoner due to his position in the Government. She decided that she doesn’t want to live in a world with no freedom, to defeat the enemy you must know the enemy, so Cassia and her loyal friend join the GDO army so they can find a weakness and reunite Cassia father and mother.

What Cassia does not plan for is what she will have to do to keep up her double life, and how the envision has effected the people she loves.


I havent read a young adult dystopia book, where the characters go inside the organisation to destroy them from the inside. I am delighted in the fact that you see that not everyone inside this destructive organisation, are bad people, that people join for several different reasons.

The book chapters are spit into weeks from Cassia pov, I enjoyed having the book in this type of format, as it keeps the pace fast and easy to read.

One of my favourite elements of the book is Cassia friendship with the men in her unit, they are a diverse bunch of people and bring something different to the group. I like the fact that she is not singles out for being female and is receives the same amount of banter.

I love Luca he is super sweet, and the way her treats Cassia is such a joy to read. I can understand why he want to protect Cassia, but also trust her to do what she has to do for the course.

Cassia is brave, smart character that makes her a great lead in a book, she has made a big impact with Rebellion, I cant wait to see what she does in Resistance.

FYI I hope bad things happen to Kohler.

I give this book 4.3 out of 5.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Synopsis

If you are going to YALC go and pop over and say Hi to Josephine, she is so lovely, I’m hoping she might have copies of her next book The Dark Queen available on her stand.

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Thanks for reading,

Gem x



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