Book Review: Resistance (Rebellion #2) by Josephine Boyce


Hi Camarade,

After finishing Rebellion I decided to continue with Josephine Boyce series Rebellion series a started reading Resistance.


The rebellion against the GDO has truly started after Cassia and her unit break out the political prisoner from a GDO prison. There next mission is to take back old Paris, in hopes of pushing the GDO out of old Europe. With every mission Cassia starts to struggle with the impact the GDO has done, and what she is having to do to fight for their freedom.  As Cassia struggles with the cost of war her enemy Kohler will find a way any way to break Cassia to get his revenge.

GDO has been training children to be soldiers though means of training and torture. Rage is one of those children the best they have, she is sent to infiltrate the resistance camp and send back intel. When Rage and Cassia path cross, Rage will have to decide how far she will go to protect the people she cares about the most.



For a book that deals with a war, there is surprising a lot of humour in the book. I treasured these moment between Cassia and the Sault unit, I especially loved the Jono pranks, and Drummer humor.

I really liked Rage as a character, although she has been though a lot more than any child should have been she still has a child like natured. This contrasts greatly when she is happily talking about bombs. One of my favourite part of the book is them playing human hungry hungry hippos. I need to places this one day in my life.

Resistance is fast paced, full of action, romance and humour, I was surprised when I finished the last page, as I felt that I could just kept on reading.

For me Resistance feel like the a slight parting of ways with Cassia, but there is much more the do to bet GDO so I am interested in seeing what happens next.

I give this book 4.3 out of 5

Copy of Copy of Copy of Synopsis

Josephine will be at YALC again this year, at booth A6, go say Hi if you going and check out her books.

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Thanks for reading,

Gem x


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