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Book Review: Killer T by Robert Muchamore

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Hi Amigo,

I really interested in books that deal with technology altering DNA, so when I found out about Robert Muchamore  Killer T I knew I wanted to read it.


Teenager Harry has moved to Vegas with his Aunt, where he meets Charlie when he is after a story to start his career as a Journalist, these two become unlikely friends.

They are both growing up in a world where your own DNA can be modified, but this development of technology has seen the increase of genetically modified virus, more deadly than the original.


Killer T was not what I expected, I knew I would get an interesting story about genetically modifying DNA, but I was surprised with the human element of the story. Killer T is full of drama, romance and Teenage angst. I was gripped from the first page till the very end. I think this story is slightly scary as you can see that this may happened in are reality.

Harry and Charlie are both really interesting, likeable lead character, I end up getting very emotional invested in them from the beginning. Certain aspects of Charlie situation got to me so much that I had to stop reading, so I didn’t end up crying in public. (I did end up crying in private.)

One of my favourite elements in the Killer T story telling was that the story jumped though time periods. When you met back up with the character it made the changed in their lives and the world more dramatic.

As I read a lot I feel like I should create a list of my most hated character, just so I can add Charlies sister Fawn on it. She is a great character for creating drama, but she has no redeeming features, if she was real I hope she would burn in Hell.

If you like books that mix apocalyptic situation mixed with technology I would advise picking Killer T up.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

Copy of Copy of Synopsis 3

Thank you to Reader First and Hot Key Books for sending me a copy of a fair and honest review.

Thanks for reading,

Gem x

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