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Book Review: Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Traid #2) by Scott Reintgen

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Hi Nahuatl, 


Last year I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC copy of the first book in the series Nyxia. It was one of my 5 star reads of last year. Goldsboro Books has a limited edition signed addition of Nyxia Unleashed, it was a given that I was going to buy it. Additionally Goldsboro still have copies for sale.



The competition is over and Emmett Atwater is finally on Eden. 

The competition and the mission from Babel that Emmett originally signed up for was a lie. Babel real motives are much darker than believed, they will lie, cheat and sacrifice anyone to win. 

Now Emmett and the rest of the surviving members of Genesis will have to work together. As they forge a new path in an unknown world. A path between Babel and the indigenous Adamite people. Both powerful groups with different agendas, both with different plans for them. 


Will Emmett and the rest of Genesis come out of this alive or will they be another sacrifice. 



Gripped is an understatement, Nyxia Unleashed is 390 pages long and there is not one dull page.


One of my favourite elements of the book was learning about Eden, correction Magnia/Magness. The history of the people, the evolution of their animals are so well thought out that you can believe a planet is out there. 

In the second place is Emmett Atwater and the other members of Genesis. I enjoy the banter between them all, and the fact that they see themselves as a family. Longwei missing the scored board is a great source of humour. There is even some relationship between the Genesis crew (Hetro and Same Sex) which gives you moments of joy and also heighten the stakes. 


For Instance this interaction between Omar, Emmett and Morning is one of my favourite in Nyxia Unleashed. As it shows the great friendship between the character. 

“I am watching your every move,” he says. Morning is…..a delicate flower-“

His sentence gets cut in two as Morning takes his massive arm into a painful twist behind his back. A sharp gasp escapes his lips. 

“A delicate what?” She asks.

Omar grunts his answer. “…..Warrior queen?”

She releases him, grinning.”Thats are like it.”

This makes me admire Morning even more as she can hold her own. 


In conclusion Nyxia Unleashed is full of twist and turns that kept me guessing  and left me wondering who can you trust.


Book three in the series comes out 2019 and its called Nyxia Uprising, it is already on my wish list. 


My Rating for Nyxia Unleashed is 5 out of 5.



Lastly  a quick question, if you had a material like Nyxia that you can change into any shape. What would you turn it into?

Me: At the moment it would be shelves as I running out of room, the other than that I would want to make a really cool looking sword. 


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Thanks for reading.

Gem x 

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