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Book Review: Girl of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

  Hi Péngyǒu,   I found out about Girl of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan several months ago. Its been on my TBR Wish list since I heard about it. So when I got my hands on a copy I was happy to dive right in.      Every year the Demon King has eight human females girl chosen to be his concubine, his Paper Girls.   Being a Paper Girl is made to been seen […]

Book Review: Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox #1) by Julie Kagawa

  Hi Yujin,   Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa has been on my radar for the last couple of months. I am loving stories about Japanese mythology and the Samurai, so I was happy to read this book.      Every Millennium the Dragon and the Sea Kami will grant one wish. The person will have to speak the pray from the scroll of a Thousand prayers. To stop the pray being said […]

Book Review: OtherEarth (Last Reality #2) by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

  Hi Odyn,  It’s time to visit Otherworld in Jason Segel and Kristen Miller second book in the Last Reality series OtherEarth.      Its been 2 days since Simon save Kat from the clutches of the Company.   Kat, Busara and Simon are on the run, their know what the Company is doing to make breakthrough in technology. The Company want to keep their dark secret well secret. To do that Kat, Busara and […]

Book Review: Perfect Silence (D.I Callanach #4) By Helen Sarah Field.

Hi màirneal, Ava and Luc are back again in Helen Sarah Fields new book Perfect Silence, I enjoy the third book in the series Perfect Death, loving the story telling and the characters meant I had to place this book on my TBR wish list. D.I Callanach and D.C.I Turner are called out earlier in the murder when a young girl body is found. When her body is examined they make a gruesome discovery, skin in […]

The Memory of Fire (The Waking Lands #2) by Callie Bates

The Memory of Fire by Callie Bates is the second book in The Waking Land series. I received a ARC copy of the The Waking Land last year in my illumicrate subscription box. I really enjoyed the book and what interested to see what happened next for Jahan and Elanna. If you are interesting on reading my The Waking land review you can find it here. Jahan Korakides has just helped Elanna the Caveadear win the […]