In Death Series by J.D Robb

How do I start talking about a book series that has just published its 43rd book in September. (This total doesn’t include short stories) As I am talking about the series as a whole I will be giving an overview review of the series so not to give spoilers away.

This series ticks several boxes for me, it main focus is being police procedural but as it is based New York 2058 you have the fantasy element as the J.D Robb have created this amazing futurist world. The stories revolves around the same character allowing romance to be an important element in the series. This allows me to not have to choice which genre as my favourite three can be found in the one book.

The centre of the In Death universe is Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s life and career, through the series you see how she evolves because of the people around her and the cases that she solves. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a complex character that has been written in a way that you enjoy her company, she has some characteristic that could make her unlikable but J.D Robb has written her in a way that you want to be in her inner circle of friends or if the worst come to worst solving your murder.

Although the book mainly revolve around Eve cases you can talk about this series and not talk about Irish Billionaire Roarke, the man with only one name and no background and owns at least half the world and maybe a planet or two. Their relationship opens them into a world that neither thought they would be in, this makes for some very interesting moments in the book.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit that if I was to fall in Love with a Roarke  I would be a very happy women.

By having the series start in 2058 it gives J.D Robb many different ways to kill people that we can’t do in the present day, but you could imagine that technology will evolve in such a way that they could happen. The future that she has created is a wonderful thing there is element that i hope come true and several that i hope don’t.

This is a series that for me that once I started reading I could not stop.  Ever February and September when a new book is released I can not wait to be welcome back into Eve world.

If I can give you a piece of advise to truly enjoy the series if you take up the challenge read the series in order to see the evolution of the characters. The first book is called Naked in Death.