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Monthly Archives: April 2017

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) By Sarah. J. Maas


A court of Wing and Ruin is book 3 in the amazing Court of Thorns and Roses series. This book resumes a couple of weeks after A court of Mist and Fury and Feyre is in the Spring Court. I am going to keep the review somewhat vague as I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone.

Finally we get to see more of the inner circle and learn more about them. One of my favourite elements of this series is the inner circle, the family that Rhysand has created and they way that they interact.

We also get to see more of Feyre sisters Nesta and Elain and see how they are dealing with being forcibly turning into High Fae. I’ve never been a fan of Nesta, she is very slowly growing on me but I’m not a fan of her attitude. I understand that she not happy about her situation but her attitude sucks.

Another element I enjoyed was that we got to see and find out more about the other courts. As well as the High Fae that rule over them.

My love for Rhysand grows as we get to see more of him and his relationship with Feyre.In this book Feyre comes more into herself and coming a High Lady, she has hard decisions to make, and find herself in difficult situation but that doesnt’t stop her doing what she must.

If you are anything like me make sure you have tissues to hand. This book is an emotional rolocaster, that will take me a couple of days to get over. I also now have that problem where I wish I hadn’t read it so quickly as now I have to wait till next year for another book. But I couldn’t help myself I was so exited when it came I had to read it as quickly as I could.

As always with Sarah J Maas books I can not wait to see what happens next.

5 out of 5.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x

Last Know Victim by Erica Spindler


Last Know Victimis book 4 in the Malone series. This book takes place mainly after hurricane Katrina although the start of the book focuses on the several days after Katrina hit. They way that Erica Spindler dealt with hurricane Katrina, she showed how Katrina effected New Orleans and its people, how it was devastated and the people who stayed to rebuild it. She made New Orleans not just a location but a important character in the story.

The main focus of this book is Captian Patti O’Shay Spencer Malones Aunt and boss. Her husband was murdered when hurricane Katrina hit, 2 years have passed and his murder has never been solved. The case becomes active again when Patti husband police badge in found in the grave with a woman missing her right hand. This connects to a unsolve serial case, which takes the case in a direction the Patti would never of guessed.

I enjoyed that we got to see more of Spencer Malones and Stacy Killian that after 2 years that they are still together, that Stacy has gone back to being a cop. Although 2 years have passed it seems that Spencer hasnt really changed that much.

This book keeped my gripped, when i thought i was knew what was happening and guessed the killer, something would happen and I would be clueless again. There are always more layers to the story than you first realise, it only on the final act that it all comes together.

There is one more book in the series Watch Me Die and I can wait to see what happens next with the Malone / Killian clan.

I give this 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco


The Bone Witchis the first book in this new series, I was really interested in the book because of the tag line on the front of the book. Let me be clear, I never intended to raise my brother from his grave.”

The book follows Tea, a young girl that finds out the she is a Bone Witch when she raises her brother from his grave. Tea is taken away to be trained as a Dark Asha a witch that can raise the dead. Dark Asha are the black sheep of the Asha (witches that have abilities to control the elements i.e Fire, water, earth etc.), Their job is to kill monsters but that doesn’t stop people being uncomfortable with their abilities.

The book to me felt like a Tea origin story as Tea is telling her story to a story-teller. She is explaining her journey and why she is where she is. The story has chapters about her past from Tea point of view, and smaller chapter from the story-teller point of view as he deals with Tea. By doing this it built the suspense as you want to know what happened to Tea and why. I did find it hard to connect with Tea as we are seeing Tea in two different ways it was a bit of a juxtaposition as you are both seeing both good and bad side of her.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, everything wasn’t answered in this book so I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hope that Rin continues with the style of story telling as i enjoyed having a story told from the character perception as well as see both the past and current in the book.

This book might not be for everyone but if you wanted to try something a little different from the normal YA I would give this book a go.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading

Gem x

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


Strange the Dreamerwas the book I received in my march FairyLoot book, my first thought was what a beautiful book. The story revolves around Lazlo Strange, an orphan with a big imagination. He grew up in a monastery where an old monk told him stories and this started his obsession with the mythical city of Weep where the city name magically disappeared from the minds of the world 15 years before. Lazlo obsession grows when he comes to be a junior librarianhe read everything and anything to build up his knowledge of Weep. Until one day Weep warriors come and he is given the choice of either seizing his dream and going to Weep or lose his dream forever. Now Lazlo has the chance to find out what happen to Weep and its mysteries. What happens Lazlo will never be the same again.

Lazlo is such a character that you could help but be drawn to him, he is kind with a thirst for knowledge. I understand his love for book, and having your mind in the book world and not the real world. His evolution is both mental and physical which was nice change to see both happening. I like the fact that Laini has swapped what people normally see as good guy and bad guy appearance. Where people first look at Lazlo they see a fighter but has the soul of a poet, where Thyon looks like an angelbut his soul is much darker.

I love the world that Laini has created, two very different location one focus on science and learning and the other magic. That having Weep cut off from other cities for 200 year has meant everyone but Lazlo think that magic isn’t real, showing how open mindedhis is compared to the scientist that come with Lazlo to Weep.

There is another character that I cared about and that was Sarai, Sarai is not completely human with is evident in her blue skin and her gift. I really related to Sarai she is stuck in a situation where she can see both side of the situation understands why people feel the way they do. The only problem is she is the only one that does which cause her to be stuck in the middle in a very difficult situation.

Strange the Dreamera beautiful story that was well written and engaging. This story bringsyou into the heart of theirworld where like Sarai you can see both side of the story which can make your heart breaks for some characters, to love others and hate a few. The story left me was my mind slightly blown and wondering how long I will have to wait for the next book.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


Caraval by Stephanie Garber


Roll up, Roll up Come one Come all to the wonderful world of the Caraval.

Caraval is a magical place that Stephanie Garber has created and invited us in. The story follows Scarlett and Tella, two sister that have never left their home Isle of Trisda. Scarlett has been writing to the Caraval for years as she wishes to see the magic, mystery and adventure for her sister and herself. Scarlett had given up hope of ever see the Caraval when she receives an invitation to themastermind behindCaravalLegend island to the once a year week-long performance. Her dream becomes a nightmare when Scarlett sister Tella is kidnapped by Legend, she has to find Tella before the game is over and she disappears forever. The problem that Scarlett has is that she has been told that Caraval is just an elaborate performance, but she comes to realise that playing this game maybe more dangerous that she would have ever thought.

We see the Caravalfrom Scarlett point of view and we are drawn into the game with her. As Scarlett is trying to figure out what can and can not be trusted we the reader are their right along with her. When you think you can see what is happening something changes and keeps you griped in the book.

Sometimes I do with that Scarlett would be more confident, but it is understandable from upbringing why she questions herself and her decisions. I do find her love and commitment to her sister commendable, I just found it hard connect to Tella.

I enjoyed this book, it was full of magic, mystery and adventure as advertised, what I didn’t expect was the emotional rollercoaster that I went on.

I am glad to find out that their will be a second book in 2018, as even though this game has ended it feels like another one is about to begin.

I give this book 4 out of 5.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x

Windwitch (Witchland Novel #2) By Susan Dennard


Windwitch is book 2 in the Witchland series by Susan Dennard. The book takes around 2 weeks after Truthwitch, Safi is with the Empress of Marstok the powerful Ironwitch. She is questioning her decision to join the empress when the ship they are on is attacked and shipwrecked. Iseult is trying to find her Threadsister Safi, while on her hunt for Safi she comes across Aeduan the bloodwitch. Aeduan has taking a bounty on Iseult but everything changes when she off a deal ending them up working together, but can they trust each other. Prince Merlik is scarred and barely alive after his ship was destroyed now he has to find out who tried to kill him. Each journey is difficult as the world is on a knifes edge with war looming and trying to find out who you can and can’t trust.

I really enjoyed seeing more of Aeduan in this book, we got to learn more about his character and realise he is not who I thought he was in Truthwitch. The dynamic between him and Iseult is fun to read, both not doing what the other would expect of them. I really looking forward to the next book which will be called Bloodwitch so hoping for more Aeduan.

This book to me was about Merik evolution as a character, Merik world has crumble he has lost his best friend his threadbrother and now he has to deal with his disfigurement and who wants him dead. I still like Merik but he isn’t as prefect as he seems in Truthwitch. I’m interested to see what happens next for Merik as he find something out at the end of Windwitch that changes his direction.

Even thought Safi and Iseult spend this book separate they are still in each other thought and still connected, they have a friendship that everyone should have.

This book introduces us to character mentioned in Truthwitch , there was surprises as characters I thought I would hate I don’t. We get to see the world though their eyes which makes me understand them and why they act the way they do.

Susan Dennard has opened up the world even more with this book, new character, new connections and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I bet there are more surprised to be had, now I just have to wait till Autumn 2018 for Bloodwitch.

5 out of 5.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x

Truthwitch (A Witchlands Novel) By Susan Dennard


Truthwitchis the first book in the Witchlands Novel by Susan Dennard and I can feel myself becoming already coming obsessed with this series.

This book main focus are Safiya a Truthwitch from a nobility family. She has the ability to tell if someone is telling the truth or lie, this is a rare gift people either kill for our killed because of it. Safiya keeps her ability secret the only people who know are her uncle, tutor and her Threadsister Iseult. Iseult is a Threadwitch she can see thread that tie people together as well as their emotions, Iseult also has to deal with being an outcast with her race hated and treated like animals. All Safiya and Iseult want is to be free and live their own lives, but war is coming and with the help of Prince Merik a windwitch and a ships caption they try to escape to freedom, but when you have a bloodwitch,mercenariesand emperors on their tail freedom isn’t as easy as they plan.

I loved Safiya and Iseult relationship as Threadsister, that they would do anything for each other. Even if saving each other has a higher cost in the long-term. They also balance each other, Safiya is hot head and impulsive where Iseult is cool and logical who likes to think before she acts. Although sometimes with Safiya she doesn’t get much time to think before trying to find a way out of the mess they are in.

I was only 60 odd pages in and I had already had a soft spot (ok a big old crush) on Prince Merik, he is quick to anger but has his heart is in the right place. He is trying to help his people as they are staving due to the after math of the war and no help in the 20 years the peace agreement has held.

Susan Dennard has created this amazing world with character that I quickly came to care about. At times my heart was in my throat with the twist, turns and surprises. The book has also left me with a couple of questions which I can’t say as it will spoil the part of the book, and I don’t want that but all I will say is Who.

I give this book 5 out of 5.

I am so glad that I have bought Windwitch has I need to know what happens next to Safiya, Iseult and Merik.

If you like Sarah. J. Maas and book with grand adventure than you need to give Truthwicha read.

Thanks for Reading

Gem x