Fool Quest (Fitz and Fool #2) by Robin Hobb

Fool’s Quest is book 2 in the Fitz and Fool series, this book follows straight on from Fool’s Assassin. Bee has been kidnapped and Fitz is at Buckkeep trying to save the life of his friend Fool after he stabbed him due to mistaken identity. This book follows Fitz as his world changes dramatically as he tries to save Bee and Fool. 

The story build as Fitz deals with Fool, to the finding out that Bee was missing and trying to find her. You can feel his frustration with having to deal with what is expect of him in court with wanting to with all his experience as an assassin.

One of the reason I enjoy this book, is that you are immersed into the world, you are made of the aware that their is more going on then just the main storyline. That everything isn’t magically fixed, that even in a world with magic and Dragons people are just human and have to make hard decisions.

In Fool’s Assissan we do not get to see much the other people in Fitz life they don’t live at Withywood, in this book we are get to see his relationship with old friend and his daughter Nettle we get to see I different side of Fitz. We also hear more about his days as an Assissan to the King making me also what to read the Farseer trilogy, Tawny trilogy, The Liveship Traders and the Rain Chronicles.

One of my favorite characters is Perseverance, we were introduced to him in Fool’s Assissan but he has come into his own in this book with his dedication to serve Fitz and Bee, also the lengths at which he will go to up hold his duty.

I would have tissues to hand when reading as we see grief in its raw form, it’s beautifully written and handle in the story that I would be more surprised if people didn’t cry.

I decided out of the Witt and the Skill I would want to have the Witt. It would be amazing to talk easier to my dogs.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5,


I have already got Assassin’s Fate  ready and waiting for me to read.

Thanks for reading

Gem x


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