Book Review: Ace of Shades (Shadow Games #1) by Amanda Foody


I was part of the social media street team for Amanda Foody Ace of Shades, as a proud member of the Scarhands I was exited to finally get to read this book. I really enjoyed Amanda previous standalone book Daughter of a Burning City so I was exited to enter another world that Amanda creating.


Enne Salta has lived a safe life, currently she is in school to become a lady, she is prim and proper and normally would never visit the City of Sin New Reynes. But when her mother goes to New Reynes and doesn’t return as planned Enne ventures out to New Reynes to find her, but the City if Sin has other plans for Enne.

frightened and alone Enne turns to the person her mother said would help her the Lord the Irons Levi Glaisyer. Levi is a Con man, the leader of a gang of cheats and not at all what Enne expected.

Levi is in trouble himself, an investment scam is coming to an end but to end this scam with his life Levi is going to come up with a lot of Volt (money) fast, he doesn’t really have the time to help find a missing woman, but when Enne says she can pay him for his trouble it seems this might fix his problem.

As they search the New Reynes for Enne mother, Enne find out more about her mother and herself than she ever thought. As she deals with her secrets Levi enemies catch up with him, to save Levi, Enne will need to play the most dangerous Game in New Reynes.


The world that Ace of Shades is based in is really interesting, and I can’t wait to find out more about it.  I hoping that we find out more about Blood and split talents, these are the gift that are passed on from the parents they can either be a talent of Aptitude an ability that people could learn like dancing, or talent of mysteries are basically magic like seeing auras.

The book is split into Enne and Levi chapter, it interesting to get to see the same world from different perspective. I also enjoyed reading what they think of each other, you are like the friend that no both their secrets.

Enne has a large evolution throughout the book, I wasn’t sure of her as a character at the beginning. As the book progress I really started rooting for her.

Amanda writing style is really easy for me to read which made it so effortless to get absorbed in the book.

What I liked about the book.

  • Levi and Enne relationship
  • Volts instead of Money
  • People blood and split talent (Hope to find out more about them.)
  • New Reynes
  • Bisexual Gang lord.

I give this book 4.1 out of 5


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Thanks for reading

Gem x


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