Open Your Eyes By James Carol

Open your Eyes is the Third short story prequel to the Jefferson Winters Stories Broken Dolls, Watch Me and Prey. The other two prequal are Hush Little Baby and Presumed Guilty.

The best way that I can describe Jefferson Winters is the Sheldon Copper of crime solving, he is annoying, always right but you can not but love him.

This book is set when Jefferson is in the FBI academy and is pulled onto a case, so that Yoko and him can be monitored working on a case. This is due to the lines being crossed in a case they worked together in Presumed Guilty.

The case resolved around the murder of women in Vegas where the women have had a limbs removed. Jefferson doesn’t work the same as normal Cops and FBI which cause problems for Yoko as she is responsible from Jefferson. It interesting to see Yoko struggle with keeping Jefferson on a leash and letting him do his thing to find the killer.

I really enjoy these series of book as Jefferson methods make the books very entertaining to read. Jefferson is always one set ahead of what going on which keeps you guessing, which for me is the most important thing  in crime fiction. I love to guess who has committed the crime as it make me feel smart, but I rather not know who it is till the very end for pure suspense that I get on the reveal. I always get that when I read this series and I can not wait till next year when The Quiet Man comes out.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x



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