Every Dark Corner by Karen Rose

I love Karen Rose she is one of my favourite authors, I have been reading her book now for over 10 year. She is the first author that I found on my own and helped with my love of crime fiction. I own every one of her book and she has a self dedicated to her book which now is full.

Every Dark Corner is Karen Rose 18th Romance suspense and book 3 in the Cincinnati series.  This book starts one week after Alone in the Dark, This book follows FBI Agents Kate Coppola and Griffin ‘Decker’ Davenport after helping their  colleagues taken down a group that dealt with human trafficking, drugs and murder. Griffin Davenport was undercover with the group when he finds out the children where being sold this leads them into the dark world of child pornography.

One of the reason i enjoy Karen Rose is that each story focus on different characters that have been induced in earlier books, so you get to know that charcter more but its still contacted to the previous books. I like that I can find out how the character I cared for in the other books are doing as they are still in the stories in minor roles.

The other reason that I enjoy Karen Rose book as you get to read part of the stories from the bad guy prespective without giving away their idenity untill the cops/agents find out.

All I can say is if you love crime fiction read Karen Rose. If you can check the reading order not every book need to be read in order but if you can, it helps as of the cross over in characters.

I’ve decided to try out a rating score and this books gets 5 out of 5

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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