Blue Blooded (Jessica McClain #6) by Amanda Carlson 

Day Three of my holiday and on to the third book which is Blue Blooded the sixth book in the Jessica McClain series. 
This series follows Jessica McClain the only female werewolf in the world, her destiny is be on the high council of the supernatural world. Not everyone is happy with this causing Jessica to face many challenges one that altered her off her true path. Now Jessica has one of the Hags of fate wanting her dead to pay for the death of her sister. She has kidnapped her friends now Jessica has to save them and make a sacrifice to atone. The problem is now she is another country and she isn’t sure who she can and can’t trust.
The High council is made up of 5 different supernatural being, all 5 of them being female. I like this element as in a lot of book series the high power are men. It nice that the higher power in this book is women. Although not all men are happy about this, the people that Jessica has on her team have no problem referring to her as Alpha. 
Jessica is mated to an older Were Rourke and he is the last of his Kind, they work well as a team it nice to see the struggle that Rourke has when Jessica has to go into dangerous situation and he can’t go with her. He knows she is strong but she is his mate and its his job to protect her.
I lot of the main group of characters have been mated off by the end of this book, wouldn’t life be great if life was that easy just meeting the person and knowing there it. 
This book ends the journey that Jessica has been on since the beginning and left us knowing a new journey has begun. It good this story arch is over as some author keep trying to get more books at of one story arch which Amanda Carlson hasn’t. At the end of the book the world is changing for Jessica and Rourke and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
I give this 4 out of 5. I think I need to start I point 5 system as I lot of books I’m reading are getting 4. 
Thanks for reading 
Gem x


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