Month: October 2017

Even in the Darkest Stars

Even the Darkest Stars was the book I received in my September FairyLoot box, and it was a book I didn’t realise that I needed in my life. Even the Darkest Stars follows Kamzin the second daughter of the one of the Village elders. Kamzin wants to be an explorer, and map out the mountains…

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The Treatment by C.L. Taylor

The Treatment is another book that I received when I was at YALC, I was lucky enough to meet the author and get it signed. This is the first YA book that C.L Taylor has written, but she has written several other psychological thrillers. The Treatment is realised on the 19th October 2017. This book…

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Satellite by Nick Lake

Satellite is the new book by Nick Lake, the book follow Leo a 15-year-old boy born on Moon 2 a Satellite orbiting space. Moon 2 is all that Leo and twins Libra and Orion have every known, born in space to astronauts mothers. Leo has been waiting till his sixteen birthday when he is strong…

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