Edge of Darkness (Romance Suspense #20 Cincinnati #4) By Karen Rose

Edge of Darkness is the fourth book in the Cincinnati series and the twentieth book in Karen Rose Romance Suspense series. This book is published in Hardback in the UK on the 2nd November 2017 and out in paperback 8th Feb 2018.

This book main focus is Dr Meredith Fallows and Detective Adam Kimble, Adam has been dealing with PTSD for the last year due to witnessing a horrendous crime against a child. Now Adam has to solve why some would want to blow up the woman that he has secretly been in love with for the past year Meredith Fallows. Meredith now has to find out why someone would want her dead, without breaking her patients confidentiality. When Adam delves more into to the case, things aren’t as they seem and things that shouldn’t connect.

One of the reason that I love Karen Rose book are her characters, they have there are flawed but they try their best with the life they have. It makes the character more real to me and I end up getting more invested.

One of my favourite character is Diesel, he might not look like a softy but he really is with a wicked sense of humour. I can’t wait for him to get his own book. Meredith and Adam are an amazing couple but unfortunately they weren’t my favourite pairing is this book, that award goes to Diesel and Meredith Grandfather. The banter between the two of them really made me smile, and both just show do not judge a book on it cover.

I find Karen Roses writing styles one of the easiest for me to read, the book flows in my head like a conversation that I don’t want to end.

This story follows on from the last book Ever Dark Corner, and certain things that where left open in the last book get wrapped up in this. To me this make the stories more realistic as crimes in life doesn’t always end up wrapped up tidy little bow.

Like other Karen Rose book, this book is a crime fighting, emotional rollercoaster with heart pounding romance.

Thank you to Netgalley and Headline for giving me an advance copy to read and review, I will still be buying myself a copy to go on my Karen Rose shelf.

I give this book 5 out of 5


If you want to know about the lovely Author Karen Rose click HERE. I got to meet Karen Rose a couple of months ago and she is so lovely, it surprising all the evil things she comes  up with.

Thanks for Reading

Gem x


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