The New Dark (The Dark Times Trilogy #1) by Lorraine Thomson

The New Dark is a new YA trilogy, that caught my interest with its take on the dystopian/ Sci-Fi future.

The follows Sorrell, a young girl born in the “Now”, the world that she lives in has no internet, no T.V, no power and very little food. Sorrell lives a quiet life in a small village called Amet, until one day a pack of mutants comes to the village and kill the old and kidnap the young. Sorrell manages to escape being caught or killed but her boyfriend and younger brother are not so lucky. Sorrell must go after them to save them, they are the only thing that is getting Sorrell though all the her dangerous situation.

This book is really good at showing that not all types of people are good or bad. When you start to read the book you think the Mutants are the bad guys of the story, than with the introduction to the people of the”The Free” you realise not to take anything on its appearance. This book also made me think a lot, as it deal with what people do to people who are different, as well as slavery being normal.

I found the story slow in parts, but as story continued I was drawn in, I managed to read the book in one night. The end of the book has left it open perfectly for the next book, and left me wanting more.

If you enjoyed book like Book of fire by Michelle Kenney, I would give this book a read.

I give this book 3.5 out of 5



Thank you NetGalley for a chance to read and review this book.

If you would like to find out more about the author click HERE

Thanks for reading.

Gem x



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