My Favourite Reads of 2017

As the year comes to an end, I thought I would share my favourite books of this year.

This list was very hard to narrow down as I have been lucky enough to read some amazing books. I have only chosen books that I give a 5 star review, as this was one of the only way I could reduce the list.

I have split the list into books/ series I have read for the first time this year, and new books in existing series that I have already been reading.

Favourite New Book and Series

I have realised this year that I have enjoyed more books that take place in space, as well as dystopian books.

My favourite existing author/ book series. 

Karen Rose, Darynda Jones, J.D Robb and Sarah .J, Maas had more than one book that came out this year. I loved all their book but made the hard decision just to pick one of each to go on my list.

This year I have enjoyed finding new books/series to become enthralled by.  With the help of YALC, Book Box Club, Fairyloot and Illumicrate I have been introduced to so many great books and authors and I thank them for that.

Thank you to all the authors that take time to write books and invite us to the world that they create.

Thanks for reading

Have a Happy New Year !

Gem x



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