The Cruel Prince (The Folk of Air #1) by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince is the highly anticipated Young Adult Fantasy, I had read the synopsis of the book and was honestly looking forward to reading this book. When you are looking forward to reading a book there is always that slight worry that it won’t live up to expectations, but this book lived up to and smashed by expectations. When I was reading this book I stop myself saying out loud ‘Amaze Balls’. It’s not the most elegant way to sum up my feeling with the book but I think it hits the mark.

The Cruel Prince follows Jade who at the age of seven watched her parents murdered, and with her two sister stolen away to live in The High Court of faerie by the General of the High King of Faeire army. Jade has been brought up and schooled with the gentry, but  some of the High Faeire do not like the fact a mortal is treated like the equal. One group in particular led by the beautiful and cruel Prince Cadran the youngest of the High Kings children. Jade is willing to do anything to prove herself and earn he place at the Court. Jade will have to lie, cheat, draw blood and in the end risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sister and stop Faeire Civil war before it starts.

As a twin I always find it interesting reading twin characters in book, I like the fact that both Taryn and Jade are different. That they are not carbon copies of each other, their priorities are very different, Jade wants to earn her place in court with her abilities, where Taryn wishes to marry into a position. Taryn will do what every she must to fit in, where Jade realises as a Mortal that she wont fits in and stops trying to.

I appreciate that Holly has taken a different approach to the look of faerie, they have the classic pointed ears, but they have other elements that mark them as Fae like having a body part that is more animal than human.

The story was captivating, fast paced with great drama and political intrigue. I was surprised by the ending of the book and desperately need the next book (I google and the next book is called The Wicked King and planed for 2019)

If you are a fan of books with Faeries and kick ass woman like Throne of Glass, A Court of Rose and Thorns, The Alex Craft Books, Paranormalcy. Than I would give this book a read.

I give this book 5 out of 5.


I do have a fondness for books with Faeries in, so I am surprised that I have not previously read any of Holly Black book, but I can see that changing in the future.

If you would like to find out more about Holly Black you can click HERE. Thank you to NetGalley and ReviewsFirst for sending me a copy of this book for honest and fair review.

As always thank you for reading.




  1. I absolutely LOVE this book. I ended up thinking “Okay, I like it.” but by now I’m just a huge mess of fangirl whenever someone mentions it, haha. Can’t wait for my physical copy to arrive so I can reread the whole thing, really. ❤


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