The Testament of Loki (Loki #2) by Joanne. M. Harris


E567C749-E6E0-4DCE-83A4-B205FA15DF94Hi Vinr,

The Testament of Loki by Joanne .M. Harris  is the first of the many books that I got from YALC to review.  I have a little soft spot for Loki so when I found the book, I knew I wanted to read it, The Testament of Loki is the second book in the Loki series, the first book is The Gospel of Loki, I haven’t read The Gospel of Loki (I will) but I didn’t need to , to enjoy this book.


Ragnarok has happened, Asgard has fallen, The Gods are either dead or impassioned in the Netherworld for eternal torment. Loki isn’t a big fan of eternal torment (who is?), he has spent hundred of years stuck due to his plans of betraying everyone not working out as he had hope. Time has passed and humanity has moved on to different beliefs, but one day humanity start to dream of Norse Gods, and this give Loki an idea how to escape. although his escape doesn’t truly go as planned, Loki ends up in a situation where people are trying to reclaim what they have lost and will have no problem destroying everything in their path. If Loki wants to reclaim his what he has lost, he will need lots of plans, some allies and plenty of trick and lies.



First off a love the character page at the front of the book, the description of the characters are from Loki perspective, the descriptions made me laugh even more after I had read the book.

Loki is funny, smart and so much trouble, which made The Testament of Loki such a fabulous book to read. I knew I was going to like Loki from the first page when he says ” Ok, stop. Stop. Wind back. That’s the authorized version; the tourist’s guide to Ragnarok.”

I didn’t no what to make of Jump at the beginning of the story, but as the book went on a liked her more, its seem like she is the only person that Loki has been a good influence on. There was a part in the book between Jump and the Oracle I was thinking yes you go girl.

You have to pay attention to story as there is a lot of conning and manipulation between character. It’s interesting to read Loki figuring things out and how to get out of certain situation.

I give this book 4.4 out of 5.

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Thanks for reading

Gem x


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