Replica By Lauren Oliver

I got this book from the Nerdy bookworm October box. I would never would have picked this book up myself, I am glad I got this book as other wise I would have missed out on this amazing story.

This book revolved around two girls whose stories intersect with each other due to Haven institute. The book is split in two so you can either read Gemma story first than Lyra or the other way round. I read the book by reading chapter 1 of Gemma’s story and then 1 of Lyra in alternative chapters.

I enjoyed reading it this way especially when Gemma and Lyra meet up, as you can read how they see their interaction differently. The story focuses what makes people human, individually and identity, how this can change when you look deeper into your past.

I hope that Lauren Oliver brings another book out with these characters as the way the book ended left me with wanting more.

Thanks for reading







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