Storm Front By Jim Butcher

I stumbled a crossed this book due to The reading addict on Facebook when on my never-ending search for new book series. 

This is the first book in The Dresden files, a book that follows Chicago’s first and only Wizard P.I Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. 

The story revolves around a two cases, one a private case of a missing husband. The second case is murder by magic that he is consulting with the police on. 

Someone is using magic to rip out people’s hearts, thing get even more complicated when one of the victims is connected to the Chicago Mob, and the second victim is connected to a Vampiress Madam. 

Dresden is the only one that can find out who is breaking the laws or magic before he is blamed for the crimes. As the No human / magically community only believe that he is the only one powerful enough to commit this crime. It also doesn’t help Dresden has a black mark against his name making it easier for people to think the worst.

I don’t no what to make of Dresden he is old-fashioned in his ways,  one of those ways is  his thinking about women, part of me is bothered and part of me isn’t. I think when I read more of the book in the series I will connect with the character, well that’s what i am hoping for. As there are many other aspects of the book that I enjoyed especially Bob the all-knowing Skull spirit.

Thanks for reading

Gem x




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