Bone Cold By Erica Spindler

I really enjoyed this book as it was a crime story that kept me guessing to the end.

The story revolved around Anna North an up incoming author living in New Orleans. Anna was kidnapped as a child and had her pinkie removed as punishment because her parents did not follow the rules.

Anna past has hindered her future and 23 years later she is still in hiding, the people closes to her do not know what happen. Someone has decided that she has been hiding too long, and sent messages to all the people in her life so they know her true identity.

Anna has trouble getting people and police to believe that her kidnapper is back and is after her. When the thing start piling up Detective Quentin Malone believes his case of murder red-head women is connected to Anna.

I spent most of the book trying to figure out who was committing the crimes, every chapter and new piece of evidence kept changing my mind. I felt like I was in the book with the characters trying to figure it out before it was too late. The ending was surprising but when you look back over the book it makes sense. After finished reading I bought the next two books in the series and now waiting for them to arrive.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


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