An Ember in the Ashes By Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes is the stories of Laia and Elias, each alternative chapter tell the story from their point of view.

Laia has lost her family to the Empire, to help free her brother she makes a deal with a rebel. They ask her to spy on the ruthless Commandant of Blackcliff, the Empires greatest military academy in exchange for them to break her brother out of prison. This is the most dangerous thing Laia has ever done, as if caught her life will be at stake.

Elias is a solider at Blackcliff, the top of his class one of their finest soldiers who whats free of the tyranny and the Empire. As Elias is planning to desert after he graduate , but his destiny has other plans and him and Laia which will change the face of the Empire.

It took me a couple of chapter to get into the story, I enjoyed that it was an alternative chapter but it did take me a little longer to connect with the characters. Once I was into the story I couldn’t put the book down, to the sacrifice of my sleep.

It made me question myself If I was part of the Empire;

  •  How would I treat Slaves?
  • Would I accept Rape as a normal act?
  • Would I conform to the will of the Empire?
  • Would I find it an honor to be a Mask?

If I wasnt a part of the Empire;

  • Would I join the Rebels?
  • What would I do for freedom?
  • How would I cope if I was a Slave?

It makes me glad that I don’t have to make those choices that Laia and Elias have to make, that I can read the story and go back to my safe little world.

I give this book 4 out of 5

🤓 🤓 🤓 🤓

Thanks for reading





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  1. I’ve been curious about this book for a while. It sounds interesting…I think I might have to give it a read. Also, I love the photo you used for this post. It’s so beautiful.


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