Souldrifter (Dreamwielder Chronicles #2) by Garrett Calcaterra

Souldrifter is book 2 in Garrett Calcaterra Dreamwielders series. This book takes place 1 years after Dreamwielder, after dismantling the Guderian empire Makarria is the Queen and is trying to bring peace and order to the five kingdoms. The Old World Republic have decided to offer help to Queen Makarria but this help has strings […]

Dreamwielder (The Dreamwielder Chronicles #1) by Garrett Calcaterra

Dreamwielder is the first book in the Dreamwielder Chronicles by Garrett Calcaterra. The author brings us into a world where dreaming can get you killed. Makarria is a farm girl living in a world ruled by Emperor Thedric Guderian a man who wishes to remove magic from the world. He believes that technology is the […]