Darien (Empire of Salt #1) by C.F Iggulden

Darien is the first book in a new fantasy series called the Empire of Salt.

Darien is a city that has one throne and twelve ‘royal’ families, this families are the You people who keep control of the armies, magic, money and peace. Peace as at risk but these families do not know it. The story follows 6 people stories, Elias a hunter focus to kill with Vic Deeds there to make sure he does, Tellius an old swordsman in hiding from his homeland who finds a boy Arthur who does not speak. Daw Threefold a gambler and ‘adventurer’ who take Nancy on adventure that awaken a talent that might be the downfall of them all.

It took me a little bit to get into the story as you are introduced to a new world and several character. I think it was me trying to figure out people connections and how all these stories would come together than enjoying the flow of the story.

When all the characters are in Darien is when I was really gripped with the story, the action is all happening in Darien but we get to see it from the prospective of these six characters. You finally get to see who everyone is connected and the impact these people will have on the history of Darien. 

I didn’t really connected to any of the characters, as the book is split between so many. I hope that in the next book I can learn more about them.

The book ending was well written and made me want to read the next book.

I give this book

3.5 out of 5

🤓 🤓 🤓


C.F Iggulden is the pen name of Conn Iggulden if you would like to find more about the Author click HERE

The book comes out 13th July and below are some link if you would like to purchase the book.

Amazon UK



Book Depository

Thanks for reading

Gem x



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