Month: October 2016

Bone Cold By Erica Spindler

I really enjoyed this book as it was a crime story that kept me guessing to the end. The story revolved around Anna North an up incoming author living in New Orleans. Anna was kidnapped as a child and had her pinkie removed as punishment because her parents did not follow the rules. Anna past…

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Storm Front By Jim Butcher

I stumbled a crossed this book due to The reading addict on Facebook when on my never-ending search for new book series.  This is the first book in The Dresden files, a book that follows Chicago’s first and only Wizard P.I Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.  The story revolves around a two cases, one a private case of…

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Replica By Lauren Oliver

I got this book from the Nerdy bookworm October box. I would never would have picked this book up myself, I am glad I got this book as other wise I would have missed out on this amazing story. This book revolved around two girls whose stories intersect with each other due to Haven institute.…

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Magic Binds By Ilona Andrews

Magic Binds is book 9 in the Kate Daniels series. The book is set 6 months after Magic Shifts where Kate claimed Atlanta to stop her father Roland from taken it over. Kate is having to deal with her father pushing her physical and mental barriers. It doesn’t help that its two-week before her wedding when…

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Open Your Eyes By James Carol

Open your Eyes is the Third short story prequel to the Jefferson Winters Stories Broken Dolls, Watch Me and Prey. The other two prequal are Hush Little Baby and Presumed Guilty. The best way that I can describe Jefferson Winters is the Sheldon Copper of crime solving, he is annoying, always right but you can…

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