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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Bone Cold By Erica Spindler


I really enjoyed this book as it was a crime story that kept me guessing to the end.

The story revolved around Anna North an up incoming author living in New Orleans. Anna was kidnapped as a child and had her pinkie removed as punishment because her parents did not follow the rules.

Anna past has hindered her future and 23 years later she is still in hiding, the people closes to her do not know what happen. Someone has decided that she has been hiding too long, and sent messages to all the people in her life so they know her true identity.

Anna has trouble getting people and police to believe that her kidnapper is back and is after her. When the thing start piling up Detective Quentin Malone believes his case of murder red-head women is connected to Anna.

I spent most of the book trying to figure out who was committing the crimes, every chapter and new piece of evidence kept changing my mind. I felt like I was in the book with the characters trying to figure it out before it was too late. The ending was surprising but when you look back over the book it makes sense. After finished reading I bought the next two books in the series and now waiting for them to arrive.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x

Storm Front By Jim Butcher


I stumbled a crossed this book due to The reading addict on Facebook when on my never-ending search for new book series. 

This is the first book in The Dresden files, a book that follows Chicago’s first and only Wizard P.I Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. 

The story revolves around a two cases, one a private case of a missing husband. The second case is murder by magic that he is consulting with the police on. 

Someone is using magic to rip out people’s hearts, thing get even more complicated when one of the victims is connected to the Chicago Mob, and the second victim is connected to a Vampiress Madam. 

Dresden is the only one that can find out who is breaking the laws or magic before he is blamed for the crimes. As the No human / magically community only believe that he is the only one powerful enough to commit this crime. It also doesn’t help Dresden has a black mark against his name making it easier for people to think the worst.

I don’t no what to make of Dresden he is old-fashioned in his ways,  one of those ways is  his thinking about women, part of me is bothered and part of me isn’t. I think when I read more of the book in the series I will connect with the character, well that’s what i am hoping for. As there are many other aspects of the book that I enjoyed especially Bob the all-knowing Skull spirit.

Thanks for reading

Gem x



Replica By Lauren Oliver


I got this book from the Nerdy bookworm October box. I would never would have picked this book up myself, I am glad I got this book as other wise I would have missed out on this amazing story.

This book revolved around two girls whose stories intersect with each other due to Haven institute. The book is split in two so you can either read Gemma story first than Lyra or the other way round. I read the book by reading chapter 1 of Gemma’s story and then 1 of Lyra in alternative chapters.

I enjoyed reading it this way especially when Gemma and Lyra meet up, as you can read how they see their interaction differently. The story focuses what makes people human, individually and identity, how this can change when you look deeper into your past.

I hope that Lauren Oliver brings another book out with these characters as the way the book ended left me with wanting more.

Thanks for reading






Crimson Death By Laurell. K. Hamilton


A Friend got me into this series a couple of years ago after many years of trying and I am really glad she did.

Crimson Death is the 25th book in the series revolving around Anita Blake. A piece of advise is to read the series in order if you don’t you will miss out the evolution  of the characters.

This book really has two parts before Ireland and Ireland. Before Ireland mainly focus on the relationship of Anita and her group. Anita is trying to enjoy her time off and let go of her problems, but things are never that simple in Anita world. I enjoyed the fact that Anita has grown as a person and isn’t falling into her pitfalls. I’m glad that Damien is in this story and it explored the triumvirate with Nathaniel as that has previously been ignored.

I preferred the Ireland section of the book,I do enjoy the romance side I’m just more interested in the crime fighting part. The Ireland section is about Vampire attacks in Ireland, which is strange as to their knowledge Ireland is the only country that doesn’t have a Vampire population. Edward is already in Ireland helping with the investigation, but he has to fight the Irish authorities to allow Anita to fly over and help. They are worried because of her predilection to solve things with violence and also because she is a Necromancer.(although they wont admit to that.) Edward is one of my favorite character in the series due to his ability to change how people perceive him depending on the situation, the book showed that Edwards mask can slip due to someone from his past. I wish we could find out more about his past as I would like to find out how is became who he is.

It was nice for a change that Anita was up against the big bad that she had the confidence in her ability and power instead of being surprised at what she can do. Also the fight against the big bad I felt that Nathaniel showed his true potential and the  enojyed reading how he has grown as a character although it was a shame about his hair.

I enjoy this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next, even more so after Anita and Nathaniel talking seriously about expanding their family.

Thanks for reading


Magic Binds By Ilona Andrews


Magic Binds is book 9 in the Kate Daniels series.

The book is set 6 months after Magic Shifts where Kate claimed Atlanta to stop her father Roland from taken it over. Kate is having to deal with her father pushing her physical and mental barriers. It doesn’t help that its two-week before her wedding when Roland has push her to her limits. 

Ilona Andrews has created this amazing universe where magic and technology have collided, where the impossible is ground in reality. The world is unique that all gods and mythology is real and living in this world. Its was a nice surprise to have Pegasus in the story I never would have expected Kate to use a flying horse especially as she is scared of heights.

One of my favorite expects of the books is the relationship between Kate and Curran, and it best summed up by this quote from the book its a conversation between Beast Lord Jim and Kate. 

“Did you run any of this by Curran?”

“I told him I was about to do something idiotic and dangerous, and he told me to go ahead and let him know id he could help in any way.”

“I don’t understand your relationship.”

This book had so many twist and turns that I couldn’t put the book down, and was very surprised when I got to the end and it was the middle of the night. I was so involved in the story that time just fly by.

I can not wait to read the next book, the ending of this book had me wanting more. 

Thanks for reading



Open Your Eyes By James Carol


Open your Eyes is the Third short story prequel to the Jefferson Winters Stories Broken Dolls, Watch Me and Prey. The other two prequal are Hush Little Baby and Presumed Guilty.

The best way that I can describe Jefferson Winters is the Sheldon Copper of crime solving, he is annoying, always right but you can not but love him.

This book is set when Jefferson is in the FBI academy and is pulled onto a case, so that Yoko and him can be monitored working on a case. This is due to the lines being crossed in a case they worked together in Presumed Guilty.

The case resolved around the murder of women in Vegas where the women have had a limbs removed. Jefferson doesn’t work the same as normal Cops and FBI which cause problems for Yoko as she is responsible from Jefferson. It interesting to see Yoko struggle with keeping Jefferson on a leash and letting him do his thing to find the killer.

I really enjoy these series of book as Jefferson methods make the books very entertaining to read. Jefferson is always one set ahead of what going on which keeps you guessing, which for me is the most important thing  in crime fiction. I love to guess who has committed the crime as it make me feel smart, but I rather not know who it is till the very end for pure suspense that I get on the reveal. I always get that when I read this series and I can not wait till next year when The Quiet Man comes out.

Thanks for reading.

Gem x


Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell


I was nervous about writing this review, as this is the first time an author had contacted me to read and review his book. I needn’t of worried I really enjoyed the book, and glad he contacted me as other wise i would of missed out on this gem of a story. If you are looking for a good heart warming romance story then this is the book you will enjoy.

It did take me a little bit to get into the story but once i did, i didn’t want to put the book down. I was disappointment with myself when i was too tired to continue reading last night and had to finish the book today.

The book centres around the very talent Tegan Lockwood and her family estate and holiday business, it follows the up and downs through one summer when international Pop Star Mason Keane. What I loved about the book was the relationship between all the different characters, he perfectly showed the uniqueness of their family dynamics, especially between Tegan and sister Ryleigh and their prank war.

This book had a perfect balance of old and new for me with the letters from the world war one star crossed lovers and new love in the modern world. I love how the letters and Tegan love story had some cross over allowing both letters to enhance Tegan own love story.

The only thing I would like more of is Simons story, as Tegan Best Friend it would be nice to find out who broke his heart and for him to have his happy ever after.

There was one quote from the book that I want to share which was “Likening herself to a drunken sloth, she moved about the room slowly and methodically to avoid a fall.”  This is what I will now be referring myself to a drunken sloth in the morning, as this is the best description of someone in the morning that i have read.

Thanks for reading

Gem x